Poster Presentation Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2019

A comparative study for the detection of Salmonella species in faeces by culture and Seegene multiplex PCR (#142)

Pratibha Malini James 1 , Melanie John 1 , Tony Gao 1 , Agustin Franco 1
  1. Microbiology, 4Cyte Pathology, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Infectious gastroenteritis is caused by a wide range of enteric pathogens of which Salmonella spp is an important pathogen with public health importance. The conventional detection is by the culture isolation, biochemical identification and serotyping which are labour intensive, time consuming and costly. Multiplex PCR is expected to overcome all these drawbacks of culture along with having a good sensitivity and specificity. We evaluated the performance of culture and Seegene multiplex PCR over a 14 month and tested 4897 faecal specimens. The Salmonella isolates belonged to 28 serotypes. There was a good concordance between culture and multiplex PCR.