Daniel McMichael Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2019

Daniel McMichael

A scholar of St. John's College, Daniel graduated from Oxford University in Engineering Science in 1983. For his D. Phil. studies he worked on adaptive modelling of dynamic systems, winning the IEE (now IET) Heaviside Premium for his work on recursive Lp estimation. His career took him to Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology, The UK Defence Research Agency, The University of South Australia, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia. He was fortunate enough to be able to work on a variety of problems in statistical modelling of large systems, image processing and data fusion. While at CSIRO he led the team that created the Cognizant Control Room and developed the first optimal coherent solution for the situation assessment problem. That solution borrowed ideas from natural language processing - which from the early 2000s became his passion. In 2008, Daniel McMichael stepped out of a research career to found Semantic Sciences with a mission to create tools for analysing unstructured data at a new level of accuracy and integration. Building on the creativity, warmth and determination of an excellent team, the company has brought to life Sintelix, a system that embodies this capability. Daniel is currently leading the transformation of the Semantic Sciences into a scalable commercially focused company - and enjoying every minute of it.

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